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Sorry, I hadn’t seen Belle’s comment. As usual she says everything in a much more interesting way. Now to mark my papers and listen to Alabama Shakes.

Main Street Muse 05.08.15 at 10:04 am

I don’t really understand numbers at all; still puzzling over the recent measles “epidemic” of 130 people in a land of more than 300 million.

And weren’t we all gonna die of ebola just last fall?

We seem to love certitude even if there is none.

From anecdotal observations (no statistics to back up this claim), Freddie gets really cranky if people don’t agree with him.

05.08.15 at 12:58 pm

40: Why should the merit and relevance of research be measured by how much money it cost to produce, rather than by its scientific value? Oh wait… are you saying …?

Belle Waring 05.08.15 at 2:24 pm

MSM: we all did die of ebola, remember? Oh crap, there are fresh brains left somewhere in our otherwise desolate zombie nation!? Also, I got dibs on the pineal gland.

Bloix 05.08.15 at 3:16 pm

None of the comments that disagree or downplay Eszter’s criticism argue that she is mistaken when she says that the sample is non-representative of the population and therefore the conclusions are worthless. Some people seem to be saying, Don’t you understand?? ALL published Social Science research is not worth the glossy paper is printed on!!!!

Is that really the argument? That Eszter is a fool for assuming that the point of publication is to disseminate knowledge, and not merely to create a c.v. that will get someone tenure?

Bloix 05.08.15 at 3:32 pm

#46 – MSM, epidemic is one of those words, like significant or fruit, that means something different to a specialist than it does to a lay person.

To an epidemiologist, “epidemic” (the adjective) refers to a sharp, sudden rise in the incidence of an infectious disease above the usual (“endemic”) levels. This doesn’t necessarily mean large numbers in absolute terms – it means a large percentage increase. To avoid confusion, when talking to the public the CDC often uses the word “outbreak,” but in technical writing people say “epidemic” and journalists find epidemics more exciting, so …

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What lay people call an “epidemic” is, in epidemiological jargon, “pandemic” incidence of disease.

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05.08.15 at 3:37 pm

Having briefly looked at the study, it appears both flawed and relatively banal. People’s facebook friends tend to share their outlook? How surprising, rush that to Science Magazine. Except that one wonders why moderates have so few moderate friends. Even a casual reader at that point should wonder about sampling issues (interestingly, the article doesn’t give an ideological breakdown of their sample).

I do think that social science is underrepresented in Science and when something does get published, it is often faddish like this (internet! social media! network graphs!!!)

Ronan(rf) 05.08.15 at 5:15 pm

Backbone’s author, Jeremy Ashkenas made a decision to call Backbone “finished” in terms of API and feature set after the 1.0 release. This has the advantage of leaving Backbone as by far the most stable major JavaScript framework, but hinders efforts to pull in lessons from other frameworks

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was authored by Yehuda Katz, a prolific creator or contributor to numerous open source projects. Ember is based on the MVVM pattern and has a rich feature set. It also has a strong philosophical viewpoint :

Ember sets out to provide a wholesale solution to the client-side application problem. This is in contrast to many JavaScript frameworks that start by providing a solution to the V in MVC (Model–View–Controller), and attempt to grow from there...

Ember is one component of a set of tools that work together to provide a complete development stack. The aim of these tools is to make the developer productive immediately. For example Ember CLI, provides a standard application structure and build pipeline. It also has a pluggable architecture and over 3500 addons to enhance and extend it.

One of the major criticisms of Ember is its large size, which has a negative impact on performance. Ember is also viewed as having a steep learning curve and difficult to master.

The frameworks listed in this section all have good documentation and healthy communities around them. Although they aren’t as widely used as "The Big Three", they fill important niches and are notable for their unique or innovative approaches.

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, authored by Rob Eisenberg, can be seen as a decendant of both AngularJS and Eisenberg's previous framework, Durandal. Prior to creating Aurelia, Eisenberg was a part of the Angular team, leaving in late 2014 over disagreement with the direction of the Angular 2 project.

Aurelia is a complete framework. Here's the basic pitch from the documentation:

Aurelia provides core capabilities like dependency injection, templating, routing and pub/sub, so you don't have to piece together a bunch of libraries in order to build an application. On top of this rich core, Aurelia also provides a number of additional plugins for internationalization, validation, modal dialogs, UI virtualization and much more.

You also don't have to cobble together a bunch of different tools. Aurelia provides a CLI for generating and building projects, a browser plugin for debugging and a VS Code plugin as well. Yet, you're not forced to use any of these as Aurelia is structured to enable you to swap out any detail, even down to the templating/binding engine, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.

is somewhat unique on this list. Rather than a typical framework, it's actually a separate language that compiles to JavaScript, similar to Black New Rock HalfBoots with Lacing and Reactorsole M924S1 TNprx5
. However, it positions itself as an alternative to React:

Elm is a functional language that compiles to JavaScript. It competes with projects like React as a tool for creating websites and web apps. Elm has a very strong emphasis on simplicity, ease-of-use, and quality tooling...I can safely guarantee that if you give Elm a shot and actually make a project in it, you will end up writing better JavaScript and React code.